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Science and Innovation
For car experts and newcomers alike, working on a vehicle can be an intimidating task. Often, a problem or breakdown will leave a car out of commission for ...
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If you are one of more than 50 million people in the U.S. with allergies, you know how tedious and taxing they can be. Here are some things ...
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Whether you call it a panic room, safe chamber, secure compartment, or storm hollow, it is an area built to protect you and your family from some unknown ...
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Science and Innovation
The hand-operated dry cleaning conveyor is a common sight in many cities. However, with a computer program and mechanical hardware, your dry cleaning facility could become more efficient. ...
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Science and Innovation
Chemical storage tanks are often used to hold corrosive, caustic, or otherwise harmful and dangerous chemicals. Historically, chemical storage tanks were almost always manufactured from stainless steel. However, ...
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Science and Innovation
People often do not think about the importance of bearings until they stop working properly or cease working altogether. When they do stop working effectively, it is often ...
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The equipment of your manufacturing plant deserves to be treated with great care and dedication. These devices practically run the operations of your company, and any mistreatment or ...
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Your company’s facilities are often subjected to high use by employees, customers and simple wear and tear over time. Since keeping your facilities up to date and maintained ...
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When it comes to dentistry, it may seem as if some of the most commonly performed procedures are among the oldest. With all of the technological advancements that ...
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Short-term lending is a staple financial service many individuals and businesses need, but in recent years it has been covered very negatively in a lot of media reports. ...
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