7 Things to Avoid While Leaving a Blog Comment

7 Things to Avoid While Leaving a Blog Comment

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It’s a known fact that blog comment is one the most impactful blog marketing tactic to get connected with other bloggers and readers while also getting a backlink for your own blog. And this tactic is crucial to be opted since it offers an opportunity to engage with other blog commenters. You surely will have read various blogging tips online explaining about importance of blog commenting and rules that must be opted to comment on others blog. But today, I will tell you about the things that must be avoided while blog commenting in order to give a more engaging experience and build a great blogging community.

Avoid Signing Your Comment

One mistake that most of the bloggers do is they add their name in the end of their blog comment. But you need to avoid that since almost all the blogs has software that after posting your comment requests to submit your name and web address. The name submitted through the software creates an anchor text at the top of your comment on your name that hyperlinks to the provided web page. So if you are adding your name in the end of your comment then it seems quite unprofessional and reader may feel that you are a newbie with not much knowledge of blogging.

Avoid Using Too Much Text Formatting

Highlighting all your blog comment by making it bold or italic should also be avoided. Since highlighting all the text or most of the text will not help people to stuck to the important point that your comment has. Instead of highlighting all the text, you can bold certain words that you want to put more attention on. You can italicize name of persons, books or similar things.

Avoid Dropping Links

Just like name, most of blogs offer an automatic field for submitting web address. Therefore adding your blog or website links within your comment should also be avoided. Most of the blogs don’t allow commenters to submit links. Even if any blog allows you to do so, then your comment may fall in spammers category and it does not matter that how well-written it is.

Avoid Leaving Irrelevant Comments

Don’t ever leave comment to just promote your own blog without reading the blog post. Because if you are doing so it means, you are leaving irrelevant comments and those will give a negative impact about you to the bloggers and other commenters. So make sure to thoroughly read the blog post and then comment as per the context of the post.

Avoid One or Two Words Comments

You would have seen the comments left by some bloggers just saying “thanks”, “great” and similar. It is recommended not to use such one word comments for responding to a blog. Because these comments are usually considered as spam. Try to write complete sentence to express your idea or expressions.

Avoid pretending to be an Expert

I often come across several blog comments where people leave rude comments sometimes if they disagree with the idea of what blog post is conveying. But it is quite unprofessional and you should avoid that while commenting to a blog post. If you don’t agree with the opinion of the blogger, you should express your views politely rather than using the words like “you are wrong”, ” this is disgusting”, “this is not true man” etc.

These are major points that you should avoid while leaving comments. The sense and way of expressing your opinion in your blog comment hold great value and a perfectly posted blog comment have the capability to build a strong bloggers community.