Armoured SUVs and Whether They are a Good Choice

Armoured SUVs and Whether They are a Good Choice

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Getting an armoured vehicle may not be an easy task to undergo, but there are companies that are willing to help refurbish your current SUV to make it stronger, faster, and more efficient. People may prefer armouring a car, because a bulletproof car is smaller and less noticeable, and cars are cheaper to refurbish than SUVs are. However, armoured SUVs have the added advantage of being stronger and more reliable than armoured cars, and tend to last for a longer amount of time than armoured cars will. SUVs will consume more gas than cars will because of the sheer size of the vehicle. Though SUVs are more expensive, the added benefits of having a powerful and more efficient vehicle are worth the expenses.

If you do choose to armour a vehicle, the vehicle must be strong enough to sustain the added weight of having extra armour around it. For this reason, an armoured SUV is a smarter choice than an armoured car because an SUV will be strong enough to take on the added weight without compromising on the efficiency of the engine. However, if you wish to get heavy armour for your vehicle, you may need to replace the engine with a more powerful one so that your vehicle will be able to function well, despite the added weight. Another benefit to an armoured SUV is that SUVs have a lot more space than cars do. Therefore, SUVs become a preferred option if you have a lot of cargo to transport, or a lot of people to carry for the journey. Another benefit is that SUVs have strong engines, which means that if you need to attach an extra part to your vehicle – like a trailer – the engine will be able to handle the extra pressure and still perform well.
Armouring an SUV is not a cheap endeavour, and can quickly become expensive. Most companies that armour vehicles tend to fit the car with bulletproof material. It is easier to fit your existing car with bulletproof material than buy an armoured car, because factory-made armoured cars tend to be more expensive than simply adding bulletproof material to your own car. An added benefit of redesigning your own car is that you will be able to dictate the amount of material to be used, and what kind of material you prefer. Along with this, you’ll be able to redesign your car to a new aesthetic that you prefer.

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