Roadside Assistance a Must Have Car Insurance Feature

Roadside Assistance a Must Have Car Insurance Feature

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There may be times you have been stranded in the middle of the road due to mechanical breakdown or a flat tire. It becomes quite difficult to seek help during such situations. Additionally, the risk of leaving the vehicle unattended while seeking for help is high as well. Such roadside emergencies are a stressful experience. Therefore, it is advisable to avail of an auto insurance policy with roadside assistance feature.

Many insurance providers offer roadside assistance as an add-on to the existing policy. By paying an additional minimal amount, you may obtain comprehensive coverage and get assistance in case your vehicle breaks down during the journey. Insurance companies charge a premium based on numerous factors such as the age of the car and chances of mechanical failure, besides others. If the car is relatively new, the possibility of mechanical failure is lower, and hence a lower premium is charged. You may either buy car insurance online or from your agent. Availing of an insurance policy online offers a great degree of convenience and also allows you to make payments in a secured manner.

Following are the four benefits of opting for an auto insurance plan with roadside assistance.

  1. Towing services

If your vehicle is stuck, severely damaged, or immobilized, you may require emergency towing services. Towing services are also required in case of accidents. During such times, having roadside assistance facility with your auto insurance plan is beneficial.

  1. Replacement of flat tire

The penetration of a sharp object like a nail or a screw may result in a flat tire. Also, instances of damage to the valve system, rubbing of the tire against the road, or excessive wear of the tire thread may cause a flat tire during your journey. Roadside assistance is a must have feature for your car insurance in such cases. Upon calling your insurance provider, technicians are sent to the spot to help fix the tire.

  1. Assistance in case car keys are lost

There may be times where you misplace your car keys. Sometimes, you may also accidentally leave your keys inside the car. With a comprehensive insurance policy, you may ask for pickup of your alternate set of keys or even seek replacement of the same. This helps you carry on your journey without any hassles.

  1. Minor repairs

Sometimes, your vehicle may face minor issues and may require immediate fixing. The suspension may either get damaged, or repair may be needed for the leaking coolant. If you have an insurance policy with the added feature of roadside assistance, your insurer will send mechanics to take care of these minor breakdowns.

Some insurance providers offer additional services like alternate transport in case of an emergency, while some provide accommodation facilities. The insurer may also provide a step-by-step guide on how to repair minor defects, in case you are short on time to wait for the mechanic to arrive. Another benefit is the provision of fuel in case of an empty tank during your journey. Thus, you do not have to worry about searching for the nearest fuel station. It is, therefore, imperative to avail of a car insurance with roadside assistance, and obtain valuable services in times of emergencies.