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With the increasing trouble caused due to public transport, owning a personal car has become more of a necessity and less of a comfort. In older days, people considered a car as a luxury and chose public transport over spending their hard-earned money on a car. Nowadays, it has become easier to purchase a car and enjoy long distance commute. In India, it is mandatory to buy car insurance when you buy the car. Driving the car without insurance is illegal in India.Apart from putting you into trouble, your decision to not buy comprehensive car insurance can cost you money.

Comprehensive car insurance is an optional coverage which provides for the damages caused to your car due to events out of your control. It provides for damages to your car for accident, theft, and collision in addition to the third-party liability.

Given that you can buy car insurance online these days, there is no point or benefit in running without insurance. Given below are six very common situations a vehicle owner can face on the roads, and when they will miss insurance the most.

1. Natural Calamities

There are certain events which are not in your control. Natural calamities like unpredictable weather or an earthquake can damage your car. At such a time, comprehensive insurance will help you cover the car against weather calamities or damage caused due to the same.

2. Damage caused by animals

Animals could be a danger on the road. Severalaccidents take place every day due to the presence of animals on the highways. You never want to hit the animal, but you sometimes come across a case,and the animal ends up causing damage to the car. Comprehensive coverage will cover you for the damages caused by animals and birds.

3. Third Party Liability

If you hurt somebody in an accident, you will be liable to pay for the damages caused to the third party. Thismeans you will have to pay for the damage to your car and pay for the third-party liability. A comprehensive insurance cover will provide for the same and save you money.

4. Additional covers

Car insurance companies offerseveraladd-ons on the comprehensive car insurance policy.This means you get an additional benefit and higher coverage. You can choose the type of add-on you to want for your car. This is the biggest benefit of the comprehensive policy.

5. Theft

Instances of vehicle theftarerising phenomena. In case your car is stolen, the car insurance company will provide you with the coverage for the maximum loss. You can feel secure when you drive and enjoy driving your car without any stress. You do not have to worry about the car being broken-in.

6. Legal Penalties

A car insurance policy is mandatory in India.If you fail to renew the policy on time, it is advisable that you do not use the car, until it has been renewed. Comprehensivevehicle insurance provides additional coverage and will save you a huge sum in case of an accident or damage.

There are legal penalties for driving without insurance,and you might also have to face legal consequences in case of damage to the third party if you do not have a comprehensive cover. Since the policy offers a wider coverage, the amount of investment will be on a slightly higher side, but it will give you peace of mind and protection always. You can renew the policy online in a few simple steps.

A good motor policy provides complete coverage of the vehicle, third party liabilities andfor loss or damage to the car caused due to natural or manmade circumstances. The insurance policy is available at an affordable premium. Once you have purchased a policy, it is important to renew it on time. Consider the trouble you would get into incase of an unwanted situation,and you will end up paying huge out of pocket costs for the car. A comprehensive policy has been designed to provide you with complete protection and to provide for any damages caused to the car naturally or man-made. Make sure you invest in a policy which is suitable for your needs and comes with additional benefits.

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