Why is India Opting for Hybrid Cars?

Why is India Opting for Hybrid Cars?

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Today, technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. With the latest improvements that digital technology brings to the table, it is no secret that our lives have become easier and convenient. When it comes to cars, the situation is no different. We have a plethora of features that we get with a car owing to technological advancements. That said, the fuel that powers our cars remains largely unchanged. The majority of cars are still powered by conventional fuels, petrol and diesel. That is expected to change with the onset of Hybrid cars. Let us find out why.

Truth be told, hybrid cars have been around for quite some time. But they haven’t gone mainstream due to a number of reasons. But now, there is a paradigm shift because of the push it is getting globally from car manufacturers. In India, the Government is also promoting electric cars with an aim to have a strong portfolio of vehicles by 2030. This is a good sign for the hybrid car industry. And it is a good sign for the environment too. With the biggest challenge posed to the environment due to pollution from carbon emissions, the introduction of hybrid automobiles is definitely a welcome move. While there have been other fuels such as LPG and CNG in the Indian market, they haven’t been completely accepted by the masses. With the introduction of many new models, hybrid cars are slowly yet steadily gaining momentum.

The advantage of hybrid cars is that it has dual utility. Plainly speaking, it has a conventional diesel/petrol engine in conjunction with an electric one. This makes them very handy. In addition to consuming low fuel, hybrid vehicles help lower carbon emissions to a great extent resulting in a significantly low carbon footprint. This is a boon in today’s times where we are grappling with environmental challenges such as global warming and climate change. Simply put, hybrid cars offer the best of both worlds and compensate in areas where LPG and CNG cars fall short. Additionally, hybrids are also a lot safer. This is because of two reasons. One, it runs on electricity in lieu of petrol/diesel making them less prone to mishaps. Secondly, they have a battery that is nickel laid instead of lead acid one that is present in normal cars making them a lot safer in the process.

Another great advantage of the hybrid car which is important from the Indian perspective is maintenance. Having an electric engine, it is more efficient which results in a maintenance friendly vehicle. For instance, a hybrid car would require less frequent oil changes and help you save money. This combined with the competitive prices now being offered by manufacturers make hybrid cars a good value proposition.

So this was all about hybrid cars. If you are planning to buy one, it is indeed a good choice. While you are at it, don’t forget to buy car insurance to secure yourself. While hybrid cars are definitely safer, there are many things beyond your control. Buying car insurance online is the best way to safeguard yourself from the unforeseen eventualities. Additionally, it is a great idea to buy car insurance online because you can compare quotes from multiple insurance providers and avail the one that offers best value for money.

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