Effective Classroom Technology

Effective Classroom Technology

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With the technological innovation, the use of devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms, Internet, etc. have been at their peak. A few decades back, children used to spend time outside their home playing in grounds or parks, which has now shifted to playing games on their devices. Research shows that youths spend around 6-7 hours using their digital devices. More the usage more can be the benefit through it, thus these devices come with an integration of education and learning application through which one can easily utilize it for learning.

Let us have a look at some methods through which one can efficiently make use of technology to benefit oneself just as that of the classroom-

(i) Ease the load of carrying books- One can easily carry thousands of books on their mobile phones and laptops, which would essentially reduce the physical and mental workload of carrying the textbooks. One can also study easily through these devices in the classroom, or during the time of travel.

(ii) Ease of access to knowledge- Through the use of internet one can easily clear their doubts then and there itself. Such as while studying the concepts like Statistics one cannot get the concepts, rather than reading it from textbooks and going through multiple questions to get information, it is an easier task to study through the internet. This will also cut down the time for searching various concepts in the textbooks.

(iii) A personalized learning experience- Students sometimes lose track while studying through textbooks. Providing them with a personalized learning tool will help to carry out the study at their own pace and understand the concepts in a much better way. Having a good practice will also help to enhance their knowledge and skills that would help them in developing their reasoning and logical skills.

(iv) Global learning- Along with all these benefits, online learning also provide students with the global interaction with others. One can easily connect with other students to discuss over topics, raise questions, clear their doubts, learn from others and various other benefits. This helps them to have a healthy relationship with others.

(v) Virtual classroom- Students will be able to study with their device, which is the replica of their classroom. Students can study in real-time without being physically present at the place. Also, they can practice Q and A sessions that would help them to answer different types of questions that can be framed.

All these benefits of using technology give a great advantage for a learning experience. This helps the users to create a more effective, engaging and interesting learning method compared to that few decades back.

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