Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

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Coding is one of the topics that has gained attention in education over the past couple of years. Lots of people get into programming because they want to pursue their career in creating websites, web-based and mobile applications, and many other things. If you don’t want to be a programmer or a developer even then you should learn to code because computers are now a part of our life and learning to program is going to improve your life. Learning to code will make you more productive, efficient and effective.

For example, one of my friends is a physics teacher and he loves to teach physics via different modes like via making educational videos, taking free sessions in nearby schools and colleges. But while making videos of all the chapters, he encountered there are more than 5 topics in a chapter and each one of them has 6-7 subtopics. As he is very organised and creates a set of folders to organise these materials by type, lesson and course. For example, if he is making a video on electricity, he made a subfolder for that i.e resistor then another folder into it namely “types of resistors”. Then, I asked him to take a basic course in python and with a little additional research, he created a simple script which can create all the folders for him. The program he created asks ‘where to create the folder’ i.e destination, the name of the folder, the category of the folder. It created all the folders within a few seconds. What used to a tedious job for him is now as sweet as nut.

Why students should learn to code?

According to a recent survey by some best websites and companies, it was found that 71% of all new jobs are in computing, yet only 8% of graduates are in Computer Science. That’s a serious shortage of CS majors. Learning to code will increase a child’s odds of securing a lucrative STEM career.

Coding also helps a student by providing a competitive advantage when they are applying to colleges, internships and new jobs. Students who know how to code can understand the world around them better, as most of us do not know what makes our laptops, smartphones and desktops, run. If a kid learns how to code then he or she can shape their imagination into reality. For example, learning a new language will help you to describe the scenario in your own words.

We encourage people to code because coding not only helps in getting a job, but it also gives you confidence at end of the day after you resolve lots of bugs and errors.

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