Priyanka Chopra Tried Committing Suicide” Said Ex-Manager

Priyanka Chopra Tried Committing Suicide” Said Ex-Manager

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Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra attempted suicide three times during her struggling days including in 2002 after the death of her alleged former boyfriend Aseem Merchants mother, her ex-manager Prakash Jaju claimed.


As per reports from Priyanka’s ex-manager Prakash Jaju, “PC was very close to Aseem merchant’s mother, her death in 2002 shattered her so much that she tried to jump off karan apt to commit suicide,”

“I reached at nick of time and caught hold of her and tied her to a chair till grills were fixed in all the windows of the flat.”

“PC may look very strong now but she was also very vulnerable in struggling days, tried to commit suicide 2-3 times but I managed to stop her,” he added.

Jaju said Priyanka and Aseem used to fight on daily basis and on one such night, the actress attempted suicide.

“Daily PC and Aseem used to fight… She used to call me at 2 am in the night, crying… and I used to take her from Aseems house, make her understand and drop her at her home.

“Once madam went to Vasai to attempt suicide after fighting with Aseem. I got her back. Girls dont act intelligently at the age of 18-19.”

Jaju also spoke about TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, who was found dead at her home on April 1 in a suspected case of suicide.