The Teen Patti Game rules you should Know about

The Teen Patti Game rules you should Know about

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Card based games have been very popular among people since ages. With a number of different card based games available to people to play, one game which drew the most crowd attention was the Teen Patti. Also known as Flash, Flush or Teen Patti, this game as the name suggests consists of three cards. Any number of players can play this game simultaneously with each player being dealt 3 cards from a standardized 52-card pack.

Teen Patti Rules

Similar to every other game, Teen Patti also has a set of pre-defined rules which must be adhered to while playing this game. The rules for Teen Patti game are mentioned below:

  1. Any number of players can be part of a teen Patti gold hack game. Usually, you will find 4-7 players playing this game together.
  2. The card pack used in the game is a standard 52-card deck consisting of 4 sets – Diamonds, Spades, hearts and clubs. Each set or suit, as they called, contains 13 face cards each including ace, king, queen and Joker.
  3. The player has to place bets depending upon his 3 card set with or without looking at them. This is known as Seen and Blind respectively.
  4. The person having the card with the highest rank at the end of the game wins all the placed bets.

Highest Card Rankings (From High to Low)

A player playing Teen Patti can only win if his 3-card set is having a higher rank than all other players. These rankings depend upon the following sequences.

  1. Trio/Three of a Kind: A trio consists of having a series of three cards with the exact same face value. Three ace cards are considered as the best trio with three twos is considered the lowest.
  2. Straight Run: The Straight Run consists of having three consecutive face cards from a single suit. The series A-2-3 is given the highest priority follow by A-K-Q and K-Q-J. The set 4-3-2 is the lowest priority Straight Run.
  3. Normal Run: The biggest difference between a Normal Run and a Straight Run is that Normal run can contain three consecutive cards from different suits whereas a Straight Run only has cards from the same suit. The priority order in the Normal Run is similar to that in the Straight Run.
  4. Color: The Color consists of having a set of three cards belonging to any of the available suits. When two different sets of color cards are compared, the highest face card is compared for maximum value. If they are same, then the second and third highest cards are compared in that order. This implies that the A-K-J card set will have the highest priority in Colors whereas 5-3-2 will have the lowest.
  5. Pair: A Pair consists of having two cards of the same rank. On comparison between two such pair hands, always compare the pair first. The pair having the highest face card wins. If the pairs are same, then the odd card is compared. The highest priority in pairs is given to A-A-K whereas 2-2-3 receives the lowest priority.
  6. High Card: The last category ‘High Card’ consists of all the possibilities except the ones mentioned above. Two such ‘High Card’ hands are compared by comparing their highest card, second highest and lowest face value card in that order to get the rankings. The best ‘High Card’ hand consists of A-K-J set from different suits while the worst one is 5-3-2.

Always remember that any card set from a higher ranking priority beats any hand from the lowest type. This means that three twos from Trio would beat the hand of A-K-Q of the same suit.

Betting Process

The betting Process for a Blind and a Seen Player is given below:

  1. Blind Player: If you haven’t looked at your cards, you must have to bet at least the current stake and less than twice the current stake in your chance.
  2. Seen Player: If you have seen your card set, then you must place a bet between twice the current stake and four times the current stake.
The Last Words

Teen Patti is a very popular card based game with a number of variations available for this game. You can find a number of popular websites such as or Android apps such as Ultimate Teen Patti where you can play this game.

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