Which are the most pro-gambling countries?

Which are the most pro-gambling countries?

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The gambling industry around the world makes money worth billions and trillion of dollars every year. Not only does it provide revenue for the governments across the world, but it also provides employment to the people in those countries. It is because of this reason that despite some countries banning lottery altogether, there are some that are pro-gambling. For example, Macau is famous worldwide as the “Monte Carlo of the East” or “Gambling Capital of the World”. That said, in this post, we list the countries that are pro-gambling. Let’s take a look.

  1. Great Britain

When it comes to gambling, the United Kingdom takes the lead as one of the most pro-gambling countries across the world. It has one of the highest percentages of people who gamble across the world. Some of the gambling activities such as horse racing, lotteries and betting on sports have been their traditional means of entertainment.

2. Australia

Another country that has a huge penchant for gambling is Australia. The Australian Powerball, a version of the Powerball US, is one of the most sought lottery games in the region. Apart from lottery tickets, poker is a much-loved game, and you can play it in many versions across the country.

3. China and Macau

Although China has banned online casinos and land-based lotteries, it allows sports betting, state lotteries, Mahjong, and other such forms of gambling. The total revenue China earns from gambling is to the tune of $50 bn, annually, and the amount continues to grow considerably.

Add to this; there’s an annual income of more than $21 bn that Macau makes through gambling every year. And the best part is that unlike mainland China, Macau allows gaming in different casinos.

4. Singapore

Singapore is a gambling paradise. The country officially started patronizing gambling in the year 2005. It was this year when the first casino in Singapore was launched. Singaporeans, however, need to pay a major fee for entering a casino. And this might sound surprising, but the fact is that the family members of an individual have the right to request a gambling ban for their family member if they have been experiencing problems because of their addiction to gambling.

5. Italy

Although a small country, Italy accounts for almost a quarter of the world’s gambling revenue. A report by Statista.com, in 2016, stated that the total gambling industry in Italy was a whopping 95 bn euros. In 2015, the government of Italy too released official data stating that the income growth through gambling was 21%.

6. USA

The Americans love to gamble. In fact, people from all around the world fly to the US every year to visit the casinos based in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. In 2016, H2G reported that the American gambling industry made an annual revenue of $116.9 bn, the world’s highest gambling revenue in that year. Casinos are the Lottery is the second most popular form of gambling in US, and it accounts for around $100 spent per adult per year.

Gambling in India

Lotteries in India are governed by The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998. According to this act, it is the state that has the right to promote or ban the playing the lottery in their respective states. States like Goa have relatively less strict laws on gambling and can easily be called a pro-gambling state. If you too are interested in winning the lotto, you can always try online international lotteries. Sites such as Lottoland are coming to India soon, and you can participate in some of the biggest lottery games to win substantial amounts of money.

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