Companies To Handles Catalysts

Companies To Handles Catalysts

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In the refining industry, catalysts are a prime part of the production process. They need to be handled and disposed of carefully to avoid contamination.

Who Handles Catalysts?

In many cases, these catalysts and the reactors where they’re used are handled by catalyst handling companies instead of refinery employees. These companies, Reactor Services International as an example, perform numerous tasks to maintain peak operations.


Catalyst handling organizations blend the necessary elements together for use in a reactor. They repackage the materials and warehouse them at their own facilities for retrieval by the refineries when needed

Loading & Unloading

While it seems simple, the loading & unloading of a reactor requires training and practice. Companies which handle catalysts have specialists who are ISO certified to handle this task.


Keeping a reactor clean is important when it comes to refining. Without proper maintenance, the reactor can become clogged or contaminated with residue from previous operations. An organization which handles catalysts clean the reactor and perform any internal repairs. They vacuum and clean the filter which collects dirt and other materials.

Planning and Management

If a company requires an upgrade to their current refining operations, catalyst handlers work with them to find the right solution. Then, they plot the amount of downtime required to perform the replacement turnaround. If requested, they manage the reactor and train cross-train other employees on its operation.

Finding the Right Company

Homework is definitely required to select the right company for your refining organization. You may need to speak with others in your industry who have their catalysts handled by outside sources. After recommendations are given, the next step is to ask them for a cost estimate. Be warned, they may come back with a price that features an upgrade to your older reactor plant.

Overall, check their records to see if they have any complaints against them. This saves you time and money.

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