Things to Consider When Starting a New Janitorial Business

Things to Consider When Starting a New Janitorial Business

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There are a number of benefits that come from starting a janitorial business. One benefit is how relatively easy it is to enter the market. A janitorial business has a startup cost that is low, relatively speaking, when compared to other businesses. Janitorial services can be offered to a wide variety of customers and businesses. This means that there is an almost endless stream of potential customers. However, none of this should make a person feel that starting a janitorial business is easy or that it requires little preparation. The truth is that there are legal concerns and practical concerns that a person should think about before starting a janitorial business.

One of the practical concerns to consider is the size and scope of projects the cleaning business will accept. It is counterproductive for a business owner to extend themselves too far when they first start out. Starting with a smaller building, maybe a few small offices, gives a new business owner the chance to determine how many hours it takes to complete the job, the amount of custodial supplies they will need, and whether they will need to hire on other individuals to do the work.

As time goes on, the business owner will become more efficient and will be able to tackle larger jobs. Part of this includes figuring out how to price the jobs. Some people see it’s better to price the job per square foot. Others will do it by the hour. In order to make an accurate estimate, a business owner will need to calculate the amount of materials they need to clean an area as well as their estimated labor costs.

When the business grows to the point where the cleaning service wants to add on other employees, it is a good idea to create a checklist to ensure that the employees are meeting the standards of the client and fulfill any contractual obligations. The idea is to reduce confusion and reduce the need for repeated work. There are some legal concerns and insurance concerns an individual should consider when starting a janitorial business.

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