Top 3 Hacks to Easily Maintain Company Facilities

Top 3 Hacks to Easily Maintain Company Facilities

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Your company’s facilities are often subjected to high use by employees, customers and simple wear and tear over time. Since keeping your facilities up to date and maintained can be expensive endeavors, here are some life hacks to help your floors, bathrooms and conference rooms look fresh and well-maintained over time.


If you have vinyl or hardwood floors that are prone to scuffing or scratches, you might want to consider ways to prevent visible damage. In desk and cubicle areas with hard floors, use pre-cut tennis balls for walkers on chairs or invest in some floor protectors or rugs that will help your high-traffic areas stay pristine. For carpeted areas, consider getting your floors professionally washed quarterly to help your floors last longer and look better.


Though everyone uses the bathrooms throughout the day, it can be hard to keep employees or customers accountable to keeping them clean and orderly for the next visitor. If your cleaning service only comes on the weekends, consider assigning a certain employee to make sure the bathrooms are well-stocked throughout the work week. Investing in hygienic building materials such as solid surface countertops in the bathroom can also help your restroom easily stay clean.

Break Rooms

Break rooms and conference rooms also tend to see a lot of wear and tear over time. Microwave covers can help keep the mess down in this well-used appliance, and silicone mats in the fridge can protect your shelves from potential spills and leaks. Keeping these appliances well-maintained will help promote overall cleanliness, and making sure your break room is always stocked with paper towels and easily accessible cleaning supplies will encourage clean up more than if your employees have to head all the way to the bathroom to clean up crumbs or spills.

When it comes to your company’s facilities, keeping them maintained is a lot cheaper than replacing them year after year. Use these three hacks and look for others to find ways to make your building features looking great for years to come.

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