Changes in The Ever-Evolving World of Advertising

Changes in The Ever-Evolving World of Advertising

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Advertising is a business concept that’s been around forever, as people always need to sell and trade with eachother. Who knows, maybe even the first cave paintings of the early Neanderthals were a kind of advertising. The fact is that the forms people use to sell and trade with each other keep evolving.

In the 19th Century, advertising was found in newspaper and magazine ads, and on the containers for the products themselves. These early ads were long and wordy, and that style continued into the 20th Century. As the modern era evolved in the 1960s, ad copy became much more minimal, spare and witty. That trend has continued into the modern day, as we see some forms of advertising, on the Internet and on television, are often witty and abstract, to the point of being somewhat incomprehensible.

The Internet Revolution

Things have changed greatly in the advertising world during the past decade. The Internet revolution changed the way people communicate in a huge way, and ad people have had to adjust to these changes in order to stay relevant. Today messages for products can come at people in any number of ways, through Facebook feeds, Instagram photos and even through group events that offer branding on drinks or even as part of a live performance.

Given how much advertising has changed, however, it’s interesting to see how much some of the tried and true approaches, like mobile billboards los angeles, still do work very effectively. Mobile billboards can be incredibly eye-catching, and if the message is witty and also easy to take in, these moving message can hit a lot of people in a short amount of time, as they drive around a city. A great billboard may also be picked up on social media, with can broaden its impact in a big way.

The message about advertising today is ultimately that advertisers have to stay flexible and open to change, while also still embracing the effective strategies of the past.

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