Choosing a Secure Storage Unit

Choosing a Secure Storage Unit

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Let’s talk security. It’s on your mind daily, right? As you close up for the day or the weekend you wonder if your security is strong enough. Sure, it’s held off others before, but what if that one person makes it through?

You look around at what you have implemented. You have a solid security system with audio and visual. You installed flood lights to protect your employees and property. However, as you look beyond the berm of your property, one thing is missing. A fence.

We’re not talking white picket here. We’re talking about a heavy-duty fence. One with a card reader to allow authorized individuals onto the property. A fence high and strong enough to deter anyone from getting through. In the end, a fence is your first line of defense.

So, why haven’t you purchased one from an organization in Jacksonville like Coyle? We’re sure one of the factors is cost. High-quality security fencing and its installation can seem expensive at first. However, you need to look at its Return on Investment (ROI).

Installing a fence does a few things. One, it gives perpetrators a second thought in moving forward. Though the fence costs you, it may cost them more for the equipment to break through.

Two, a fence provides a secure feeling to most of your employees. There will be some who feel they’re caged in. However, even though individuals will feel a sense of additional security. When employees feel comfortable they tend to ramp up production. So, the initial investment can be made up in a shorter period of time.

And a fence also makes you feel good as well. With knowledge of how it works and who can get in, you understand your materials are at a lesser risk. Not totally eliminated — but definitely in a more secure position.

In the end, what are you waiting for? It doesn’t hurt for you to contact a fencing company for an estimate. They will come out, measure the area you want to be protected, and provide data on fence models and proposed costs. Make sure to ask plenty of questions at this time. Also, get a few quotes and more recommendations before you choose a company to work with.

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