How To Pack for a Move

How To Pack for a Move

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Maybe you’re a busy college student moving into your first off-campus apartment. Perhaps you’re a working parent who needs to pack up a house full of toys. No matter how small or large the job looks from the outside, packing for a move can become expensive and complicated when not done correctly. Check out these tips to make the process easier and less stressful.

Get Organized

Before you start tossing stuff into random boxes, it’s important to get organized. Buy the boxes, packing tape, markers, bubble wrap, and anything else you need to protect your belongings well beforehand. Before packing, sort through your items, tossing out anything that is broken and selling or donating anything in good condition that you no longer use. Finally, pack one room at a time, labelling each box as you go, so it’s easier to find things as you need them when unpacking.

Consider Hiring Someone

If you are too busy or overwhelmed to take the job on yourself, consider hiring professional movers. Trained employees can take inventory of your home, help you sort everything, pack it safely, and transport it. Some moving companies will even unpack and set up your new residence for you. While this tactic can be more expensive, it’s well worth it if it means you are less stressed and have more time to take care of other tasks and enjoy your new space.

Know What You’ll Need To Do

Even if you decide to hire movers, it’s important to know that laws and insurance worries mean that most moving companies can’t transport certain types of items. If you are moving items related to grilling, cleaning, lawn care, or painting, you’ll need to move them yourself. You’ll also need to transport your own plants, fireworks or firearms, and perishable food. You can ask the moving company for a complete list of items they can’t move for you.

Whether you decide to hire help or do it all yourself, you’ll need to remember to pick up moving boxes in Chesterfield MO. Look for sturdy, strong boxes made of high-quality cardboard. Plastic totes also work when available and are easier to reuse when needed.

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