Protecting Your Household With Simple Tools

Protecting Your Household With Simple Tools

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Your home should be an oasis away from the real world. Be free enough to roam around the property without any worries. However, anyone’s property can be vulnerable to thieves and other prowlers. Think about protecting your household with these simple tools. A solid defense is just as important as a strong offense.

The Virtual Doorbell

Install a doorbell that has an audio-video feature. You should be able to “answer” the door whether you’re home or not. Use your home’s Wi-Fi to connect into the doorbell’s system when someone rings it. Converse with the person as you see him or her on the doorstep.

This protection tool gives you a clear view of the person at your property. If problems evolve, you have that person’s face and voice on video. Most prowlers will move onto another target if they believe that you’re home. The video doorbell is a clever and affordable tool against would-be thieves.

Shielding the Family

If you know that your neighborhood has a colorful history, a shield can be a smart addition to the household. Look for a ballistic shield for sale, which is a tool that’s approved for civilian use. It’s a shield that looks just like a police officer’s barrier.

Hold this shield up if you feel like your family is being threatened. It can be fired at by a gun, and the shield holds up under fire.

Creating a Safe Room

One tool that some families appreciate is the presence of a safe or panic room. This room is multi-functional. It can be a safe space during a bad storm, or it serves as protection against an intruder. The safe room is typically in a centralized location with no windows. Be sure to pick a strong door too. This tool can be a haven in any emergency.

Think twice about arming your family with firearms. They may seem like a good idea, but their use can turn deadly. Protect your home with other tools, and you’ll feel safe and sound each day.

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