Safety Tips for Commercial Property

Safety Tips for Commercial Property

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As the owner of commercial property, you owe a high duty of care to everyone who enters your building, whether as a customer or an employee. Taking steps to minimize risks for injury on your property is not just the right thing to do, it can protect you from premises liability claims. Here are some steps you can take to ensure safety and minimize the risk of injury on your property.

1. Perform Parking Lot Maintenance

Never forget that your property extends past the door of your building into the parking lot. You can direct traffic flow and prevent accidents by installing custom traffic signs. You should also be proactive in filling potholes and repainting the lines delineating parking spaces whenever they become faded. Don’t forget about the sidewalks and crosswalks.

2. Identify Fall Risks

One of the best ways to do this is by conducting a safety audit on a regular basis, preferably several times a year. Remember that some fall risks are seasonal, such as ice and snow that mostly occur in the winter, while others can occur anytime, such as obstructed walkways, uneven flooring, and loose steps. Liquid spills pose a threat that is no less hazardous for being temporary. Take steps to clean them up right away, and alert customers to the potential slipperiness of the wet floor.

3. Install Good Lighting

When it comes to lighting, make sure your property is sufficiently illuminated both inside and out. Certain businesses may prefer low lighting to create ambiance, but aesthetics should always be a secondary concern to safety. Employees and visitors to your premises are less likely to trip and fall if they can see the potential hazards before reaching them. There is also a security aspect to sufficient lighting in addition to the safety aspect. Well-lighted premises are less likely to be the target of theft, vandalism, and other property crimes.

Keeping your property safe and well cared for protects the people around you. It is not only your responsibility; it also makes good business sense.

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