Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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If you live in a northern climate, there are several steps you can implement to ensure your home is protected from the elements once winter rolls around. Safeguarding the roof, sealing openings to prevent heat loss and covering exposed pipes are all actions to take so your structure can withstand the season.

Avoid Roof Collapse

In areas where snow can wreak havoc on buildings due to sheer volume, it is a good idea to be proactive and head off disaster. Unique instruments are available to alert owners if there is critical snow load on roof. Predetermined limits are set on sensors which are placed on the joists. An alert is sent if the weight exceeds the settings on the monitors. Another easy solution to ease the stress on roof construction is to install metal flashing near the eaves. Accumulation around the edges will slide off once the sun appears. Heating strips can also aid in this process.

Improve Heating Efficiency

One of the simplest jobs involved with winterizing is closing up any cracks or areas where heat may escape. The most common places are around windows and doors. A popular solution is to cover panes with sheets of translucent plastic. Weather seal that comes in handy rolls is also a quick fix and can be used on the inside of door jambs. When used sparingly, expandable spray foam provides a more permanent result.

Cover the Plumbing

During extreme cold, it can only take 3 hours for a pipe that is exposed and away from heat to freeze. You can circumvent a catastrophe by utilizing inexpensive pipe insulation that fits snug and shields your conduits from the cold. Doubling down on protection by routing heat to areas where there are pipes at risk is worth the time. Use flexible plastic ductwork that is attached to the primary heating route to deliver warmth directly to necessary spaces.

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