3 types of bathtub for remodeling your bathroom

3 types of bathtub for remodeling your bathroom

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When you are about to remodel your bathroom, it would be a great idea to know the available bathtubs in the market. There are many types of branded materials in the market that will certainly attract you. However, it’s you who have to decide the design, shape and color of the product as no one know your bathroom better than you. But, quality bathtubs include materials like acrylic, steel, iron, enamel, fiberglass and wood. Most popular among them all is acrylic as because it is light in weight, durable and tough as well. Here, you are going to find three types of bathtubs that will surely stick your eyes towards them. Here is the look-


  1. Aquatica Carol– This Drop in Bathtub is fabulous and better to say classically beautiful. This tub can be dropped into the floor or can be used with a raised bathing pedestal suiting best to your needs. The product has extra depth perfect for one or two bathers and completes soaks the body.

Striking Highlights of Product-

  • Eminent chic design.
  • Lusterless white surface.
  • One-piece construction provides durability and safety.
  • Full-body soaker with extra depth.
  • Ergonomic design offers ultimate comfort to the body.

These were some features of the first kind of bathtub.

  1. Aquatica Latus– Thisbathtub is made from worthiest quality sanitary grade acrylic sheets produced by Lucite International. Being square-shaped the bathtub has complete comfortable built-in seating space with a convenient wide-edge rim.  The best facility associated with the product is its striking upscale design with freestanding construction. It is also available with a Chemotherapy system and air massage. These amenities certainly offer a spa feeling.

Salient Features of the Product-

  • Stunning and fashionable modern design.
  • Freestanding built up.
  • One-piece solid construction that provides safety and durability.
  • Full-body soaker with extra depth.
  • Ergonomic design that certainly allows comfort to the body.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • High-quality acrylic and tub thickness offers great heat retention.
  • Glossy white surface.
  • Color will not fade up with time.
  • Made for one or two bathers.
  1. Aquatica Latus Relax– Name may be similar to the above one, but the drop in the bathtub is completely different in its properties. It provides a luxurious bathing experience that you have never before. The superior back, extra depth and air and hydro massage functions will certainly take you to another world. The next gen Aquatica Purescape series air pool tubs offer low-pressure soft tissue massage to the skin by millions of heated air bubbles uniting together.

Incredible Features of the Product-

  • More than 16 low-profile air jets.
  • 20 LEDs with a low profile.
  • Underwater chemotherapy with fixed color and slow rotation in one of the six available tones.
  • Electronic control panel.
  • Warm air massage.
  • 2 Minute purge cycle.

Above are three kinds of the drop in bathtub known for their quality, facilities, and luxuriousness. These fitting will certainly rejuvenate your bathing experience. Refresh yourself every day in a contemporary style of bathroom of your own choice.

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