3 Ways to Make Your Office More Millennial-Friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Millennial-Friendly

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The cubicle design in your office may have worked for years. However, now you need to make it more millennial-friendly. There are several ways that you can accomplish this. By buying the right office furniture Salem Oregon businesses have been able to offer more flexibility when it comes to office space.

Break Down the Walls
One of the first ways to create better office space is by breaking down all of the cubicle walls. Research has shown that millennials prefer co-op spaces. You need to make it easier for people to network and work in the same room. Larger, open spaces are going to make this a lot easier.

Add Chairs
You can place chairs all throughout the office. Consider chairs of varying sizes so people can choose what is most comfortable for them. You may want to have several office chairs on wheels around a conference table. Some employees may choose to grab their laptop and sit at the table with others. Others may prefer to take their laptop and sit at a small table where there is a chair or even sit in an oversized chair with the laptop directly on their lap.

The furniture doesn’t even need to match. A mix-match approach will help to make everyone feel more at home.

Utilize Standing Desks
More people want to avoid sitting at their desk for hours on end. Standing desks will allow people to work on their computers or interact with other people while standing. It is a podium-style piece of office furniture that has been gaining in popularity. Having some of these as an option will ensure that there is something for everyone.

By getting a little creative and letting everyone choose the workstation that works best for them, you can appeal to more millennials.