4 Reasons To Consider Building a Panic Room in Your Home

4 Reasons To Consider Building a Panic Room in Your Home

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Whether you call it a panic room, safe chamber, secure compartment, or storm hollow, it is an area built to protect you and your family from some unknown peril. It may be a high-tech room secured inside your house, a bunker built off to the side of your home and attached with a tunnel, or a reinforced below-ground cellar in the backyard. You may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the secure construction, or you may do the project yourself and spend a few hundred dollars. What matters is that you build one. If you still aren’t sure you need a panic room, here are four reasons to help you reconsider.


Whether it is a natural disaster, a home invasion, or an attack on your city, the safe room can provide security for your family. Include a secure, customized door such as those sold at metalproductsinc.com to provide protection against almost anything you can imagine.


The area can include prepper items and disaster storage supplies in an accessible area for easy rotation. You can also include a cold storage area for an additional pantry, bottled foods, and fruit and vegetable storage.


A fallout shelter, tornado cellar, or nuclear disaster protective area may seem far-fetched and right out of a movie but having such a safety area can alleviate stress for many people. Knowing your family can move to a secure shelter is worth more than money.


Even if you don’t want to sell your home right now, you may be interested to know that storm and panic rooms add value to a home’s sale price of over 4%. That means the value returned can be considered around 90% of your investment.

You may want a secure room with six-inch walls, or you may choose a storm chamber with prepper compartments. No matter which design you select, you can prepare for the unknown and keep your family safe.

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