Anavar- the best female steroid

Anavar- the best female steroid

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Anavar is considered as one of the best anabolic steroid for women around globe. Many women prefer using anavar which is a hormone called oxandrolone. The anabolic steroid, anavar is also considered as safe to use and does not cause any serious side effects. When used under moderation steroids do not cause side effects.

Women who are in the field of athletics and wrestling prefer using anabolic steroids to build body. Steroids are also used to lose weight and when used for losing weight, users should follow healthy diet and proper exercise to attain desired physique.

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Anavar is the best female steroid. Initially anavar is meant to treat weight loss and to treat muscle issues since it is rich in hormone oxandrolone and is an anabolic steroid in dihydrotestosterone variants. Since anavar do not contain any androgenic qualities, it is considered by most of the women. Most anabolic steroids known to be damagers of liver but anavar are very mild. Anavar steroids possess half life in the body and the doses should be taken twice to be effective.

The following are few things to be known about anavar for women-

  • Anavar also known as oxandrolone contain very less toxicity level and is very mild anabolic steroid.
  • Unlike other steroids, anavar do not possess any androgenic properties and it is one of the reasons that most women prefer using anavar.
  • Anavar is also most preferred by female athletes before their performances, since it is mild and works very fast once after consuming.
  • Anavar cycle can be tried by men too, but the results are favorable for women when compared with males.
  • Women are most tolerable with of anavar and the safety levels are among the highest.
  • It is also very important that anavar user should know about the after risks of anavar steroids.
  • Most of the women prefer using anavar as weight loss product.
  • When considering to use anavar, women should use in moderate dosages is very responsible.
  • Few women may experience symptoms and signs after using anavar and are advised to stop using the product or else it leads to serious life threatening complications.

Anavar for women and its side effects

  • Adverse side effects can occur when steroids are used more than advised dosage.
  • Few side effects of anavar are like clitomegaly and irregular menstruation.
  • The hepatic system might have adverse effects that are life taking peliosis hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinomas and cholestatic hepatitis.
  • Renal side effects like huge loss of water, sodium, phosphorous and a decreased urinary excretion of calcium.
  • Hepatic neoplasms and hepatocellular carcinomas are experienced which are types of cancer and require very long period of treatment with large doses of anabolic steroids.
  • Gastrointestinal side effects like vomiting, diarrhea and feeling nauseous all time.
  • Psychiatric side effects are also common in few women and are noticed as changes in libido, insomnia, depression and excitation.
  • Dermatologic side effects like changes in skin color i.e., pigmentation and acne are more common in women using anavar.

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