Consumers and Packaging

Consumers and Packaging

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When you think of packaging, this process can either be an experience or a nightmare. The latter often involves difficult plastic that tears up your hands and can only be opened with the sturdiest pair of scissors. Companies want to make sure products are not stolen out of the store and that children are not able to access them when unattended. With this said, many manufacturers are now offering frustration-free packaging for individuals who order goods online. When you receive your package, you want to be able to enjoy whatever it is immediately. Instead of looking for the nearest pair of scissors, opening your new item should be an experience. Apple is one of the few companies who have mastered packaging and design solutions for multiple products. Even those who do not prefer this brand must admit, Apple’s packaging is second to none when it comes to uniqueness.

Packaging and Experiences

When the iPhone was released in 2007, the phone revolutionized the planet, and things have not been the same since. One thing that is seldom spoken about this experience involves how well this item was packaged. The first time you open an iPhone package is akin to opening a Christmas present. The attention to detail is astounding and should be studied by all package designers. Even still, Apple continues to ensure that the packaging used does not deter from your first impression. When you open up these packages, it feels like the box was made specifically for you. While the product itself works well, this is an excellent way to make sure consumers continue to purchase your products in the future. Other companies have begun putting more emphasis on how goods are packaged for consumers. It is easy to mail this process in and not put too much thought into this. However, consumers often create unboxing videos on YouTube and this could potentially help your brand.

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