Crop Tops For Women Are Perfect Beachwear!

Crop Tops For Women Are Perfect Beachwear!

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If you are looking for a perfect beach wear which will cover your bikini and will be a style statement too, then the crop tops for women will be a perfect choice.  A few years earlier, these tummy tops were generally used as gym wear or active wear. The reason behind this was the fabric used in these tops and loose fitting of the tops which was better for easy movements. However, these crop tops have reentered the fashion industry as a new trend and now women all over the world are wearing these tops as a latest fashionable garment. As these tops are now worn by women of all ages and body types, there have been many changes in these tops. The crop tops are now made with many different fabrics and various colors. So you can wear different crop tops for different kind of looks.

If you are not comfortable about wearing these crop tops because of the skin it shows, you can still wear them without showing any part of your tummy. If you want to be part of the latest fashion trend without any skin exposure, then you can wear these tops over a tank top or blouse or even a button down shirt. This way you will be able to follow the latest style without feeling shy or awkward. If you are not comfortable wearing the crop tops due to your body type or weight, then there are many ways in which you can wear this top without highlighting your weak body feature. By layering and accessorizing, you can wear any crop top and highlight your best feature.

Crop tops for women of different body types

  • Plus size

If you fit into the plus size women section, then some women may feel that they may not be able to carry crop top comfortably. However, if you pair a skirt with high waist or high waist pants with a crop top of short or long length, then it will look good for you. You can even add a vest to your outfit and add another layer which will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Tall and thin

If you are tall and thin compared to your friends, then you can wear a crop top with a solid color skirt. If the crop top is a printed top then it will make you feel a little less tall and less thin.

  • Athletic

If you are athletic body type, then you have the perfect body structure to wear the crop top. A mid length crop top with a skirt or pants will suit you best.

  • Curvy body type

If you have a curvaceous body, then a crop top will help you in highlighting those curves. If you pair a pencil skirt which comes to just below your knee with a crop top which reaches your actual waist, then this outfit will be the best outfit for you.

  • Pear shaped

If you have narrow shoulders and broad hips, then you can wear a light colored crop top with high-waist jeans which will make your hips look narrow. You can also add a blazer as an additional layer so your shoulders don’t look narrow.

  • Petite

For women who are petite, a lifted hem crop top looks better as it makes their legs look longer. This top can be paired with slacks and heels for a perfect look.

  • Women with heavy bosom

Women who have a heavybosom can wear a crop top over a blouse or a shirt or even a long lightweight sweater. Pairing them with comfortable pants or jeans will give you a smart and casual look.

As you can see, crop tops for women are available in all types so that there is something for women of every body type. Choose the one which looks perfect for you and in which you feel comfortable and look your best! This way you need not feel left out when other women are enjoying this comfortable garment.

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