Decorating your Home: Tips on Finding the Perfect Piece of Art

Decorating your Home: Tips on Finding the Perfect Piece of Art

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Whether you’re looking for a painting, sculpture or photography Dallas TX, the right piece can enhance areas of your home. But finding a piece that will improve the room’s appearance can be easier said than done. After all, there are thousands of pieces of art out there and you only need a few. Thankfully, the following tips will help ensure you find the perfect pieces of artwork for your home

Frame the Artwork
While you may be tempted to just hang the artwork as is, it is almost always better to frame the piece beforehand. Not only does a good frame improve the appearance of the piece of art, but it can also act as a protective covering.

Keep Scale in Mind
Too often, people limit themselves to only one genre of artwork. This can quickly limit the amount of pieces you can choose from for your home. Instead of sticking to one type, base your decision on the scale and tone. For example, you can pair a monochromatic painting with a charcoal drawing or a black and white photography.

Create a Collage
For large spaces, people often go with one large piece of art to fill said space. Instead, consider creating a collage of smaller pieces arranged in a pleasing pattern. This will let you showcase several pieces, and you can even curate that area with interesting objects, such as an antique mirror.

Consider the Style of the Room
Don’t go out and buy pieces of art without keeping in mind the style of the room. For example, an interior that is on the modern end of the spectrum should be complemented with conceptual pieces of modern art, while classic pieces work best for traditional styles.

Don’t Forget about Color
When deciding what piece of art to purchase, the color shouldn’t be the most important but it should play a small role. Think about the interior color scheme of the room where the art will hang. Will it enhance that area by striking a good balance between color, shape or tone? That is what you should be concerned with when choosing art.

Love the Art
Above all also, you must buy what you love. The art should fit your personal style and personality. Even if it doesn’t match the color or décor of the room, the most important aspect is that you love the piece.

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