12 Everyday Tips for Overcoming Your Addiction

12 Everyday Tips for Overcoming Your Addiction

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Addiction recovery can be a difficult, tine-consuming process, and many long-term goals are centered around that understanding. But what if you need some quick tips and tricks to get through your cravings today? How can you beat back your demons to help you go that first 24 hours? If you need help right this minute, here are 12 ways that you can fight against your addiction.

1. Suck on an Ice Cube

The cold shock of an ice cube can distract you from your most immediate cravings. It can also give you something tangible to focus on while you get yourself in a better head space for dealing with your addiction. It won’t be relaxing, but it’ll be therapeutic.

2. Carry Pictures of Your Loved Ones

If you’re trying to kick the habit to be a better parent or give your family a better life, start carrying around some pictures in your wallet or on your phone. The smiling faces of your loved ones might be just the motivation that you need to stay on the straight and narrow.

3. Meditate

You don’t have to put on a toga and hum. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a proven way to treat everything from physical pain to psychological distress, and it can put you in a better mindset to fight your addiction as well . If nothing else, it won’t hurt to try it.

4. Snap a Rubber Band Around Your Wrist

This isn’t recommended as a long-term coping mechanism, but if you just need a quick jolt as you drive by the place where you used to score, it can help to snap a rubber band around your wrist or against your fingers. It will ground you and keep your thoughts from getting out of your control.

5. Listen to Music

Do you have a favorite song? Does a certain radio station always calm you down? Music has an actual, physical effect on the brain, so you aren’t imagining it when you feel better after listening to your favorite tunes.

6. Write Down Your Thoughts and Feelings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, it can help to chronicle them in a diary or journal. Just make sure that you’re writing everything by hand instead of through texts or emails. You’ll want to see the tangible proof of your triumphs and struggles on real paper.

7. Look into Rehab Options

You don’t have to commit to anything. You don’t even have to call. Just get online and look at a couple of websites for drug detox centers or long-term alcohol treatment inpatient alcohol rehab colorado . Take your first few steps towards sobriety by showing yourself that there’s another way to live.

8. Count to 10

Dangers of alcohol abuse it’s a common technique in anger management, but it can also be used for addiction management. By not allowing yourself to make any bad decisions for the stretch of 10 seconds, you can overcome any sharp, visceral needs related to drugs and alcohol. You can take a moment and simply breathe.

9. Visit a Support Group

There are dozens of AA/NA meetings happening at any given time. You just have to have the courage to join them. If it helps, they probably won’t ask you to talk or share during your first meeting; you can just sit there and absorb everything for awhile.

10. Take a Bath

Not only will it keep you in the house and away from temptation, but a hot shower can also boost your mood. The sensation of heat and steam can calm you down and release feel-good chemicals in your brain. You’ll also feel emotionally cleansed after you’re physically clean.

11. Do Something Charitable

Altruism can be a great tool for addiction recovery. By focusing on the misfortunes of others instead of your own, you can gain a lot of perspective on your problems. You might also enjoy feelings of accomplishment and self-worth after doing something good for your community.

12. Laugh

You might not feel like laughing when you’re struggling with addiction. If you can fake it until you make it, however, you can force yourself into a better mood. Studies have shown that smiling can make people feel happy even if they weren’t happy before.

These are just a few tips for getting through today’s addiction cravings. You might be temped to fall off the wagon, but if you can make it through the next hour, you can make it through the next day. Good luck!

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