3 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist

3 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist

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You aren’t alone in not wanting to visit the dentist. Millions of people suffer from crippling forms of odontophobia, and even more have mild fears that keep them away from check-ups longer than they should. But what if you want to conquer your fear of the dentist? What steps should you take to get over it? Here are just a few ideas.

1. Do Your Homework

It’s easy to be afraid of  dentist in wheeling il when you only see them as looming figures with gleaming tools. Once you do a little research, however, you can take the mystery out of their profession. For example, while root canals are never pleasant, you’re much less likely to be afraid of them once you know exactly what they entail and what the dentist will be doing to your teeth during the procedure. Forewarned is forearmed.

2. Meet With Your Dentist

You don’t have to hop in the chair until you’re ready. If you explain to your dentist that you’re terrified of their profession, they’ll probably laugh and agree to help you overcome your fear in any way that they can. Remember, this is an extremely common condition, so your dentist has definitely seen it before. Just explain your circumstances and ask them to take things slowly. Schedule a consultation before an actual appointment. Get a few minor procedures done before you take the plunge with more involved dental work.

3. Identify the Root Causes of Your Fear

What’s the real reason behind your nervousness? If you hate the thought of losing control, you can request numbing agents instead of laughing gas. If you don’t like being alone in a room with a stranger, you can ask the dental assistant to stay with you. There are many ways to work around your fears instead of against them.

These are just a few tips for looking your dentist right in the eye. You don’t have to let odontophobia rule your life. Use these suggestions to beat your fears and schedule an appointment with a dentist in Wheeling IL.

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