A Few Things to Think About When Managing Lower Back Pain

A Few Things to Think About When Managing Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is often something that you have to learn to live with. Sometimes there may be the option of surgery to relieve some of the pain, but this type of surgery carries with it a risk that is not always acceptable. As far as medication goes, there are strong pain pills that may be prescribed, but these types of pills can become addictive. However, there are a few things you might want to consider to help manage your pain.

Consider losing weight
Of course, if you don’t have any extra weight to lose, then this doesn’t apply, but most of us have a few extra pounds we can lose. In particular, it is the weight that we carry on the front part of our body in the chest and stomach area. This places more strain on the lower back. If you lose this weight, it will mean less stress and often this will lead to less pain.

Experiment with the best sleeping surface
The lower back is usually better off when you are laying on your back. The trick is finding the best mattress to allow you to lay flat while providing you with enough comfort to sleep. If you find that you can’t sleep on yo back, you may discover that sleeping on you side with a pillow between your knees can work wonders. This keeps your spine aligned properly while you sleep. This is not a permanent solution, but if you can wake up in the morning without pain or at least less pain than usual, you will have a head start to managing your pain.

Another thing to try is physical therapy in Brandon, FL. One idea that is specific to this type of therapy is to see a chiropractor. They have a long history of relieving back pain. They are able to accomplish this with quick movements to realign your spine and the application of pressure on areas of the spin. Along with this, they help with diet and specific vitamins and minerals to help bring about a healthier body.

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