Enforcement and Training of Proper Alcohol Sales and Serving

Enforcement and Training of Proper Alcohol Sales and Serving

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There are TABC agents that fully investigate reports of alcohol law violations and randomly check that all laws and rules are being followed to the letter. There are some specific things to keep in mind before obtaining a TABC license in the state of Texas.

Enforcing Proper Alcohol Sales

Each investigator will be familiar with what the specific laws and regulations are for your area. They will check that no one under-age or overly-intoxicated is being sold alcoholic products. You may or may not know that it is a TABC agent. It is important to be familiar with and follow all applicable laws and rules before making your first sale.

Enforcing Proper Alcohol Serving

TABC investigators also take the time to check and investigate issues of server errors with establishments serving alcoholic beverages. It is critical to make sure that all server personnel are aware of the ned to ensure the patrons are of proper age and not already intoxicated. They need to know when customers have reached their drinking limit.

Imitation Permits and Licenses

TABC will investigate any business that is selling or serving alcohol using a false permit or license. The penalties are heavy and it is best to go through prioper licensing procedures. Being caught with a fake permit can cost you a lot in terms of criminal and legal actions.

Violations of Conduct and Alcohol Laws

Violating alcohol rules, regulations and laws can involve more than losing your license. It can mean never being able one again. It can involve criminal charges if you have allowed alcohol to be sold or served to minors. If a patron leaves your establishment intoxicated and gets into an accident it can cost you in civil court. It is best to follow the laws. They are established for a reason.

Importance of Age Verification

You should make it a rule to check the age of anyone trying to purchase alcohol if they look under-age. Some business card everyone, while others are more selective. This is a choice you will have to make, but playing it safe is the better option.

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