Five Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Five Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

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Feeding your dog a diet filled with vitamins and minerals is an important part of maintaining its health. Making sure your dog gets enough sleep during the day is another way to make sure your dog stays healthy. A regular exercise routine also plays an important part in keeping a dog healthy. Checkout five fun ways to make sure your dog gets the exercise it needs to be healthy.

Take Your Dog to a Dog Park

Dogs are social animals. So, taking your dog to a dog park gives it the chance to run around and play with other dogs. This setup also gives you peace of mind because your dog is in an enclosed area where it can’t run into the road and risk getting hurt. If you need to leave the park right away, it’s relatively easy to get your dog back on the leash. Be sure to research a dog park before taking your dog to ensure that it is an appropriate play area for your canine.

Get a Collection of Toys

Most dogs like to run and fetch toys that you’ve thrown for them. In addition, most dogs like to pull on toys and try to get them away from you in a playful way. Having a collection of toys can be a great way to start a new game with your dog and get it running, leaping and otherwise exercising its muscles! You may want to shop with Vet Products Direct for plush dog toys to find a gathering of toys perfect for your breed of dog. Sometimes a toy can even help to strengthen and improve the health of your dog’s teeth.

Walking in the Woods

If you have a dog that is trained to come back when you call it, then a walk in the woods is a great way to give it exercise. Dogs love to run and play on trails and explore creeks in the woods. When walking in the woods with your dog, be aware of other walkers with dogs so there are no problems. If you want to keep your dog on the leash, be sure it’s trained to walk with you or run with you, without pulling on the leash to get ahead on the trail. This can cause your dog to strain its neck muscles and it keeps both of you from making the most of your time in the woods.

Try an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be a fun way for a dog to get exercise. Some obstacles on this type of course include a set of steps, a teeter-totter, jumps and even a collapsible tunnel. If your dog is into jumping and running to its heart’s content, think about trying it on an obstacle course. Be sure to show it how to move through the obstacles so it won’t be confused as to what to do. Who knows? You may have a dog that you can enter in competitions against other dogs who love to move through a set of obstacles!

Swim Time

Dogs are natural swimmers. Some dogs like Labrador Retrievers, spaniels and terriers like to swim more than other breeds of dogs. If you have a pond or a creek near your home, take your dog there to see if it’s interested in swimming. A swim through a pond or a dip in a creek can be good exercise for a dog. Plus, if it’s a hot day, it can be even more enjoyable.

Get creative about exercising your dog and you’re sure to find some activity that both of you like to do. Spending time with your dog helps you to earn its trust and contributes to building a stronger bond with your pet. You and your dog can stay healthy together.

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