How a Queensland mother of two lost 52 kilos in a year

How a Queensland mother of two lost 52 kilos in a year

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IT WAS daily stops at KFC and late night servings of McDonald’s that caused Zoe Molloy to tip the scales at 104kg at her heaviest.

At just 22-years-old, the young mother-of-two had developed an unhealthy relationship with food — snacking on Doritos, M&M’s and multiple servings of takeaway food on a daily basis.Report reveal that she followed this 2 Week Diet for losing her weight.

At her biggest, she was a size 22 — and knew she’d become an bad role model to her young boys.

“I’ve always been pretty big,” Mrs Molloy, who lives in Maryborough, Queensland, told

“During my pregnancy with my first son [who is now 4-years-old], I put on 20 kg. I ate everything!

“When he was born, my weight didn’t change.”

Mrs Molloy developed an insatiable hunger for high-calorie foods, especially later in the day and in to the evening.

“I was addicted to KFC and Chinese — I could eat so much of it,” she explained.

“In the morning, I would usually have a big plate of bacon and eggs. An hour later, I’d have crumpets or Fruit Loops or Coco Pops.

“For lunch, usually I would have takeaway food like McDonald’s, KFC or a kebab. I’d also eat a big bag of Doritos or snack on M&Ms.”

While pregnant with her second child, Mrs Molloy started to see the physical impact her weight was having on her body — and unborn baby.

“I had problems with my gallbladder because of my eating,” she said.

“I was tired all the time and didn’t want to play with my son.”

In March 2016, after seeing “shocking” photos of herself, she decided to approach her new diet “cold turkey”.

“I tried every diet but couldn’t stick to it,” she said.

“I continued eating unhealthy. I would eat a main meal, and then go and get take away because I wasn’t ever feeling satisfied.”

Turning to The Healthy Mummy, which focused on using shakes and a recipe book with healthy and easy to prepare meals — she lost the first 45 kilograms in just 10 months.

“I started off with shakes, and some of their recipes,” she said.

“In the first month I saw results … so I just pushed forward and stuck to it.”

Now, Ms Molloy — who weighs just 51kg and wears a size 8-10 jeans — exercises three times a week, and eats a healthy diet consisting of oats at breakfast, a salad wrap at lunch and either spaghetti bolognese or a ricotta pasta bake at dinner. She’s also cut out all alcohol and eats minimal sugar.

“When we go out, I go for the healthier option,” she explained.

“But I don’t have treats any more. They don’t satisfy me, and I don’t feel like I need it anymore.”

Mrs Molloy, who works as a casual waitress in a coffee shop, said her next challenge is to eliminate the excess skin that’s left on her body following her dramatic weight loss.

“I want to save up and get a tummy tuck,” she said.

“After losing all the weight, I’ve lost a lot of elasticity. My arms are getting there, but the excess skin around my stomach … the rolls won’t budge because it used to be full on fat.”

“But to think that I’ve now lost 52kgs is still a dream.”