Medicine, Spice, and Everything Nice

Medicine, Spice, and Everything Nice

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Fruits and vegetables are not the only organics that are grown on a mass scale and sent to market. Some are used as food additives, fragrances and a myriad of different types of holistic medicines and curative. Bulk transport of these materials can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively using a quality industrial baler.

Pharmaceutical Baling

The field of holistic medicine is a multi-billion dollar per year endeavor, especially on the global market. Pharmaceutical companies are no fool. They have jumped on the opportunity to make revenue by packing and selling herbal remedies to the masses. Commercial growers of these herbs, berries and other organic materials sell and send these items in bulk to the pharmaceutical corporations. Using a baler is a way to get more product in one compact area for shipment.

Spice Baling

Society has come a long way from the simple use of salt to preserve foods. There is a world of spices available to add different flavors to even the plainest food items. Garlic, basil, and parsley, just to name a few. These spices and herbs can be grown in bulk and shipped to the companies that process, package and put them on the market to sell. A baler makes the process easier to deliver larger quantities in the same transport space. The process saves both money and time.

Compact Bales for Transport

A baler will take all of the raw, organic materials and pressure them into a tight, concise bale. This can then be wrapped and sealed for transport to the company needing the material. The process of producing a bale takes a few minutes and the results are amazing. The square highly-compacted bale is easy to wrap and prepare for shipment anywhere in the world.

Easy Cleaning

Keeping equipment sanitary that deals with items that will be ingested are critical. A baler has few moving parts and is easy to keep clean and sanitized. This can be done between each batch of organic materials that are being baled. The equipment is quiet to operate and can be used indoors. This makes it an attractive option to place on the floor of your organics shipment processing center.

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