Soon Dental 3D Tech Will Transform Patient Experience and Outcome

Soon Dental 3D Tech Will Transform Patient Experience and Outcome

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When it comes to dentistry, it may seem as if some of the most commonly performed procedures are among the oldest. With all of the technological advancements that have taken place in the medical field, you might be surprised to learn that the dental field is not lagging as far behind as you think it is. Though you still should see your dentist Broomfield CO regularly, it’s only a matter of time before they will use 3D technology in the following ways to improve the appearance ad health of your teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Soon, you’ll no longer have to wait weeks or even months to replace your missing teeth. Advancements in dental 3D printing tech are making it possible to replace them in a relatively short time. The process is as simple as undergoing a scan and having a special system print up custom replacement teeth for installation.

Immediate Braces

If braces are on the agenda, 3D printing technology will make it possible for you to have them installed much sooner than later. Currently, orthodontists must carefully measure your mouth and send off for braces that are an exact fit, a process that can take several weeks or months. With the use of 3D printing, the process is much shorter. Custom braces can be printed within an hour or so to get you started on the journey to a straighter and healthier smile. 3D tech also helps to ensure a better fit and experience overall.

Not all dental procedures are painless or pleasant to endure. That is why many dental offices offer a variety of sedation and relaxation options to improve patient comfort, outcome and overall experience. The addition of 3D technology to those solutions means patients can get more of the immediate results they expect without long-term stress, anxiety, and in fewer dental appointments.

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