What Can You Expect When You Check Into a Rehab Facility?

What Can You Expect When You Check Into a Rehab Facility?

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You can get the help you need for your addiction problem at an opiate detox center Ohio. Unfortunately, there are many substance abusers who do not seek out the help they need. This is often because of a fear of what will await them at a rehab facility. There are a lot of false rumors about what the experience in rehab is like. This fear of the unknown and belief of false rumors about rehab prevents many people from getting the treatment they so desperately need. Here is a description of what you will encounter at a rehab facility that will treat you for drug or alcohol addiction.

1. Every stay at a rehab facility will begin with a search of the possessions of the patient.

You might be wondering why it is necessary to search every person who is checking into a rehab facility. However, the answer is very simple. The staff cannot afford to allow any drugs or alcohol to be smuggled into the facility. If this happens, it will create big problems for both the patients and the staff. This is why every bag that a patient is going to bring into the facility must be opened and searched to ensure that no banned items are inside. You should be aware that it is standard practice for some rehab facilities to strip search all of their patients. However, there are still many facilities that do not engage in this process. You can call a facility and find out their policy as it pertains to searching new patients who are checking in.

2. You will be shown to your room.

The way that rehab facilities issue room assignments will differ. There are some facilities that give patients their own room. However, these are usually very expensive facilities where patients pay for that privilege. In the vast majority of cases, patients are assigned a roommate. This can be an uncomfortable situation for people who do not want to sleep in a room with a complete stranger who is also a recovering addict. This might be something you will need to deal with for the duration of your stay at the facility.

3. The detox process will immediately follow after you have successfully checked into the rehab facility.

You need to have all of the drugs and alcohol out of your system before your rehab can truly begin. This will require you to completely detox your body. This is by far the most unpleasant part of the rehab experience. This is because the vast majority of patients will experience severe withdrawal symptoms that are very painful. A doctor will be overseeing all of the patients while they are involved in detoxing. This is necessary because some patients have very serious medical complications develop as a result of the detox process. There are even instances where patients need to be removed from the rehab facility and hospitalized. The doctor at the rehab facility will tell you how to detox from opiates safely.

4. You will meet with a person who is assigned to be your counselor.

Every patient at the rehab facility will have a counselor assigned to him or her. There are many counselors who were substance abusers. They quit their destructive habit and have now dedicated their lives to helping other people do the same thing they did. You will be given a schedule that will tell you when you are supposed to meet with your counselor. This will usually take place every day except weekends. Your counselor will monitor your progress and talk to you about various aspects of your addiction. He will try to ascertain the root cause so you can work together to overcome it.

5. Attendance at group therapy will be mandatory.

Group therapy is something that you will find at every rehab facility. It is universally used in a rehab setting because it has proven to be very effective. A counselor will run the meeting where patients will introduce themselves and tell their stories about how they became addicted. Opening up about their lives allows the patients to become close and form a bond. This is very necessary in the recovery process.

6. You will be given an aftercare schedule.

Your treatment will continue after you leave the rehab facility. You will remain in contact with your counselor. Regular phone calls will be made where you will discuss how your recovery is going. This will help you transition back to your normal life.

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