Why Sleep is important for staying Healthy

Why Sleep is important for staying Healthy

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We all know that getting enough sleep is important. However, most of us continue to neglect this area of our health. We tell ourselves that we’ll catch up on sleep on the weekend or some other more convenient time. However, there are three reasons you might want to reconsider skipping sleep. Research has shown that sleep can actually make you smarter. This is definitely an incentive to get more rest.

You remember newly-learned information better when you’ve had adequate rest. However, when you haven’t had enough rest, it’s difficult to remember information that was recently learned. Our thoughts may be foggy, allowing us to remember nothing more than a portion of what we’ve learned. However, you don’t have to be a banking expert to understand this concept or an expert of any kind.

Once information has already been learned, a well-rested mind can usually recall almost everything that has already been learned. Conversely, a sleep-deprived mind will have trouble recalling information, even though the information has already been learned. It’s difficult to recall information that the mind hasn’t been able to consolidate, due to inadequate rest. The brain has a difficult time absorbing information and then trying to retrieve when you haven’t had rest.

When we’ve had adequate rest, we integrate information very easily. We are also able to understand the synergistic relationship between things. When we’ve had enough sleep our memories become consolidated. This means that they stabilize. We can remember an entire concept instead of bits and pieces. However, when we haven’t had adequate rest, we struggle to recall information. More often than not, we are only able to recall bits and pieces in a sleep-deprived state. Our memories are not stable, they are fleeting. Sleep sharpens the mind, which is actually a sign of intelligence. A keen mind is a rested mind. When you’ve had enough sleep, you learn information and allow it to consolidate in order to stabilize your memories.

Most of us don’t place a lot of importance on getting enough sleep. However, there are more reasons besides health to get adequate rest. Research has shown that getting adequate rest can actually sharpen our minds and help us to remember information easily. It’s also easy to retain and recall information when we’ve had rest. Do yourself and your brain a favor. Get the rest you need to be at the top of your game.

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