How To Choose Glass Shower Doors

How To Choose Glass Shower Doors

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When you are building or remodeling a home there are many places where you need to make decisions which balance aesthetics with function. One of the most important places you make these choices is in the bathrooms. These are some of the most used rooms in the home and are usually designed for privacy and comfort. Choosing the right shower doors can go a long way to meeting both of those design needs.

Stock Designs

There are many stock designs that you can choose from for your shower glass including doors with or without frames, complete glass surrounds and splash guards around a tub. A glass installation dallas tx company can help you choose between the designs they already have or help you come up with a custom fit. The biggest downside to going with the stock designs is that you will be limited in options. For instance, it is easier to find a stock shower door for a simple shower design. If you are making the shower a uniquely shaped feature, then custom is the best way to go.

Custom Fit

Some things you should keep in mind when going with a custom fit for your shower glass is how often the shower will be used and need to be cleaned. The more glass you have, and the harder it is to reach, the bigger the cleaning job will be. You should also keep in mind that if you want a frameless shower, then you may have to go with a custom fit. Custom does not always mean more expensive either, sometimes you can save money by going with a smaller than stock design.

Choosing shower doors and glass surrounds can mean combing through as many options as your installer has available and even designing a custom system for your space. The best way to choose is to determine how much of a feature you want the shower to be, how easily you can clean the glass you design and even what your budget is.

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