InonotusObliquus-A Medicinal Supplement

InonotusObliquus-A Medicinal Supplement

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InonotusObliquus which is also named as the Chaga Mushroom is a fungus that is seen on the white birch trees during the cool climate. The maturity period for these mushrooms is around 7 years. At this time of its development it consists of an orange coloured meat that is covered with a black or brown coloured shell. Till the time of its maturity this has the capability to absorb the necessary nutrients from the tree. Chaga is a plant that is used for the treatment of many ailments. Inonotusobliquus is a parasitic fungus. Since the Chinese mostly believes in the herbal medicine they consider this plant InonotusObliquus as the ‘King of plants ‘.



There are many benefits for these mushrooms and are as below.

  • These supplements are used in the treatment of much gastric type of disorders.
  • These can be used for treating the cardio vascular ailments. The oxidation of fats to the blood gets controlled by the ability of this supplement.
  • Diabetes and some form of cancer can also get a solution from the chaga mushrooms.
  • This is used as a supplement for the protection of liver and can also reduce inflammation.
  • Betilinic acid is a compound that is found in this mushrooms that are believed to be useful for the treatment like chemotherapy.
  • InonotusObliquus are the substances that help to overcome the stress in human beings. This can be considered as the best adaptogens.
  • This has the capability to cope up with the stress and strain that is being undergone. Also this can be used for improving the individual performance, the physical ability and the concentration of the individual.
  • InonotusObliquus work as an antioxidant, as the free radicals are damaged by this. Free radicals are those molecules which cause destruction to the cells that surrounds this and thereby cause damage to the molecule. The growth of free radicals makes the aging of the individual fast and destroys the immunity for many diseases. This contains anti oxide superoxide dismutase which is one of the strong antioxidant that fights against the free radicals especially the superoxide. This antioxidant is considered to slow down the aging process of the body.
  • Protects the DNA integrity and develops the red blood cells.

Side Effects

Although this supplement possess many benefits there are many side effects that are associated along with this.

  • Drug Interaction is considered to be one such side effect. There is a chance of interaction of this drug with other medicines that regulates the blood coagulation. The supplement pertain those ingredients that stimulate the biochemical response. If consumed along with this supplement there are chance of causing bleeding
  • This supplement has the risk of causing a negative interaction with the medications such as the insulin that helps in regulating the blood sugar level. There are chance of causing Hypoglycemia that occurs when the sugar level decreases and the individual might suffer from irritability, confusion, weakness and difficulty in talking.