Pro Rower H20 RX-740 Home Series Rowing Machine Review

Pro Rower H20 RX-740 Home Series Rowing Machine Review

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The home rowing machines are becoming popular by the day for the physical benefits associated with them. With these rowing machines you don’t need too much space or a lot of hard work to work out your arms, abs, and lower and upper back. One easy exercise can help you train your whole upper body and keep you fit.

However, the problem with the growing popularity of the rowing machine is that numerous brands are manufacturing their own machines and they are available online even before scientific tests.

Rowing machine benefits

Here are the reasons why the rowing machine exercise is becoming popular.

  • Individuals can regulate the intensity of the workout unlike in real life rowing.
  • If done right, it will benefit those with various spinal and neck problems,
  • It is also a helpful workout for those who have no problems as such but want to improve their muscles and abs.
  • The machines are mostly foldable and easy to store.
  • The can be used anywhere, be it the bedroom, or living room, or the lawn.

Things you need to be careful about

Though the idea of an easy workout routine is tempting, one must be careful while buying a machine because:

  • Many companies sell unscientifically designed machines that elevate the muscle and spine problems instead of alleviating them.
  • The base material used is often not skin-friendly and can cause discomfort and even rashes in case the user is prone to perspiration.
  • The digital calibration is often inaccurate in low-quality machines, leading to misguiding readings of calories burnt.



Why choose Pro Rower H20 RX-740 Home Series

There are some brands that sell authentically designed rowing machines and Pro Rower is one of them. Let us check out what the Pro Rower series of rowing machineshave to offer:

  • Hydro-power drive system: Innovative hydro-power drive system that offers ease and comfort, making the workout more relaxing and fulfilling than tiring.
  • Actual rowing technology: The machine incorporates a polycarbonate water tank with an internal paddling system that offers the exact feeling of actual rowing. Novice rowers can also perfect their moves on this machine.
  • Easy-to-read panel: The display panel offers accurate and large readings for the time, distance, laps, and strokes per minute, calories and heart rate.
  • Ergonomic design: The design of the padding and the entire machine is such that the workout does not result in discomfort followed by annoying cramps. The machine also comes with a lumbar seat option.
  • One for all: The pivoting footrest with the ‘sure-grip’ footpad and the handgrip can be adjusted to suit any height, so just one machine is enough for the entire family.
  • Warranty: The product includes a lifetime frame warranty, so you can get a repair done whenever you need even if it is years old.
  • Durability: The 65lbs machine is supported by dual aluminum seat rails that can support up to 550lbs of weight.
  • Low maintenance: The machine comes with a protective shroud that keeps dust and dirt away from the machine, allowing you to use it straight-away without having to clean it every day.
  • Convenient storage: The machine is 78 inches long. It can be folded into 22 square inches space and stored upright at any corner. The machine takes minimum floor area.

More about the Hydro-Power Drive System

The hydro-power drive system in the RX-740 uses water resistance where most other machines use air or piston resistance. The water resistance makes the workout feel lighter than it is and adds a soothing water lapping sound that helps maintain a rhythm in the workout.

More about Natural Adaptive Resistance

Some models of the Pro-Rower Home Series offer natural adaptive resistance that makes the water resistance adjust to the pace of the rower instead of the other way around. The resistance variable range offered in the RX-750 and RX-850 models is 2.5gals to 4.5gals so the users have the option to row as fast or slow as they want.

Range of products

The Pro Rower Series offers home as well as commercial rowing machines including the H2O RX-750 Home Series starting under $700 to the Proteus Par 5500 Commercial with 16 levels of magnetic resistance, costing $1,495. Other models in the range include the H2O RX-850 LTD and 950 Club Series, and the H2O Fitness Seattle Wooden Rower Series.