Protecting Homes with Affordable Attic Insulation

Protecting Homes with Affordable Attic Insulation

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Attic insulation is very useful whether you live in places with a warmer climate, or a cooler one. For warmer climates, adequate attic insulation ensures that the house remains cooler, thereby reducing the amount of work that the air-conditioning equipment is required to do, reducing your electricity bill as well. In colder climates, and in cooler temperatures, losing warm air is undesirable. Warm air tends to rise, through the rooms of the house, through the attic, and tends to escape the house already. However, with the right kind of attic insulation, you’ll be able to make sure the warm air doesn’t escape the house, thereby keeping the house warm, and reducing the need for the heating system, and making sure your electricity bill stays down as well, and prevents structural damage as well.

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There are two main types of attic insulation, which are batting and blown-in. Batting insulation is when large pieces of insulation are held together, as they’re made of fibres with adhesive binders – and these are made of either fiberglass or cotton. However, batting insulation doesn’t fill all the spaces and voids, especially if your attic isn’t square in shape. Blown-in insulation, however, is when small pieces of fiberglass or cellulose are blown into the attic through a hose, and a machine mixes the chunks and blows it through the hose.

Another thing to look out for is ventilation – proper ventilation is critical, to ensure that moisture doesn’t build up in your home. For this reason, it is recommended that you hire a professional to install insulation in your attic – and the professional will make sure that proper ventilating chutes are installed, and fans to circulate the water to make sure that moisture doesn’t build up in the attic.

Hiring a professional to install the insulation is useful for another reason as well, as the professional will know how much insulation is needed for your attic, and will make sure that your insulation will follow governmental regulations that are in place in your area.

Over time, your insulation will tend to become compact, thereby negating the purpose of insulating your attic. There are two ways to combat this problem; either by replacing your insulation, or by adding more. Adding more is recommended as it is more financially feasible than replacing the insulation; but adding more is advisable with certain types of insulation.

While hiring professional installers, it is advised to look into the company that hired them, to see their customer reviews; and to see the experience that the installer has; along with checking the rate at which you’re being charged for the job.

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