Wardrobe Essentials for a Summer Trip to Agra

Wardrobe Essentials for a Summer Trip to Agra

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India is a land of incredible travel. It is a vibrant country that offers the tourists with a lot of tourist spots and tremendous scenic beauty. Each state bears some marvelous sites that offer a treat to the eyes of the tourists. And one is the historic city of Agra. As home to the stunning Taj Mahal, Agra is one of the most touristed spots in India. One would love to enjoy the sensational aura that these ancient monuments provide along with the romantic love stories of the then sultans.


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What’s next? Of course, what you put in your bag! After having reached there safely if you discover that you have just forgotten an essential thing then just imagine your condition! So, calm yourself and make the right choices that you would carry with you. Remember, you must look pretty! But what if all the joy gets distracted by some uncomfortable clothing or a flaw in your outlook? The main factor that would allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest is the things that you are carrying for the trip and your look. So, this article must guide you in the right way so that the next time you visit these beautiful places, you look beautiful too!

When you are travelling to India, you must make sure that your outlook must be conservative yet modern. And when it is the summer time you must make yourselves comfortable with light and airy clothes. We would recommend you keep your shoulders and knees covered so that you look respectful while going around the monuments. After all, India is famous for maintaining and preserving its rich culture.

Indian summers are scorching. So, it is advisable that you avoid synthetics and pack your bag with cotton stuff. Women must look dignified.

Since India is a traditional country, some eyes will turn on if you dress up provocatively. So why accept taunts and bad comments? Dress up in a stylish way that carries a charm and grace. Short tops, short skirts, and body revealing clothes must be avoided. A loose cotton t-shirt paired with cotton pants or ankle length skirts must look good. Full-sleeve shirts are the best to prevent sunburns and mosquito bites. Sleeveless shirts are comfortable too for summers, but your limbs are sure to get tanned. Linen printed shirts, bright coloured midi skirts look great in pictures!

Men are advised to opt for loose cotton t-shirts or shirts with long linen pants. They make you feel comfortable and prevent sun burn.

Other essentials like sunglasses, hats, sunscreens are necessary. Sandals are preferable, and high heels are not at all recommendable. So, once you are aware of how exactly to dress up yourself, you will know what to carry. Avoid heavy luggage. Many spots in Agra do not allow entering with a backpack. So, do not carry any bags while traveling.

So, you see. And with this article, you even know what to carry and what to wear. So, stop waiting and start getting ready for marveling at the monuments of Agra!

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