Water Purifier: The Best Solution to Get Rid of Tap Water Toxins

Water Purifier: The Best Solution to Get Rid of Tap Water Toxins

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Most people in urban areas rely only tap water. The tap water supplied to our homes often flows through corroded pipelines that release a lot of contaminants along the way, especially lead. The government agencies often use the process of chlorination to purify water, which is not enough, and the same water ends up in your faucets.

Chlorine by itself is relatively harmless, but as many other contaminants or organic matter find their way into this water. These contaminants or organic matter react and produce toxic chemical by-products. The contaminants, microbes and salts present in water can be a major source of many life-threatening diseases. Thus, it is advisable to use water purifier, which is not just a purifying appliance but actually a life-saving appliance.

Here’s how investing in a good RO purifier helps you from the dangers lurking due to tap water.

Eliminates Toxins: Corroded pipes often mix lead to the tune of several times than the permissible limit, which can lead to all sorts of health problems, including cancer. There can be other toxins present, which are detrimental to health. RO purifiers remove these toxins and make water safe for consumption.

Minimises the Risk of Diseases: There are many water-borne diseases, which can be even life-threatening. Consumption of impure or contaminated water adversely affects the normal functioning of body. Once you install a good purifier, you reduce the risk of these ailments or diseases.

Takes Care of Hard Water
: The minerals and salts present in water make water hard, which results in many problems. These problems are less related to health issues but more to expense problems. There is a lot of scaling of utensils in which this hard water is stored. A RO purifier makes this hard water soft by removing these minerals and salts.

Retains Necessary Minerals: There are some minerals that are good for health and should be present in drinking water. A good purifier ensures that all essential minerals are retained while removing the harmful ones.

Better Available Option:
 People might argue that when pure bottled water is available, then why should you invest in a purifier? Well, this is a great investment that you can make for the health of your loved ones and in the long run it turns out to be a cheaper option out of the two. With purifier, you can be sure that the water you are using is pure and of the best quality. The same doesn’t hold true for bottled water. Bottled water is stored in plastic, which is harmful to health as well as environment. Thus, by using a water purifier, you are not only ensuring pure and safe water but also doing your bit towards the environment.

There are many types of water purifiers available in the market. You don’t always need the most advanced or expensive one. The one you should buy actually depends upon the quality of water supply you get at home. If you are not getting hard water, buying a UV purifier is enough, but if there are microbes as well as salts present then go for RO+UV purifier.

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