Why Is Arc Flash Training Necessary?

Why Is Arc Flash Training Necessary?

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Getting accurate information to employees about the possibility of an arc flash event is a way to protect and preserve their lives. It is also required by OSHA that they are made aware of the dangers and how to avoid it.

Real Risks Associated With Arc Flash

The dangers of working around high-voltage electricity can never be overstated. There is always the danger of an arc flash event that can cost greatly in human tolls and property loss. It is an unexpected accident that can happen with little or no warning, creating a hazard that OSHA demands every employee be introduced to for awareness and safety.

Lack of Knowledge About Arc Flash

Most of the problems that are associated with an arc flash event happen due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of what it is and how it happens. It can become a reality by simply placing the hand in the wrong place around electricity. The more employees understand the cause and effect, the less likely an event will occur.

Preservation of Employee Health

Often the results from an arc flash event are not positive for employees. The human toll can include death or serious burns. One event like this can change their lives forever. It is necessary to provide better awareness and education as to what the real and present dangers are when working around electricity.

Preservation of Business Assets

The damage often goes beyond what happens to the employee. The immediate flash of energy can cause equipment, clothing, and buildings to literally catch on fire. The total loss of business assets can be staggering. It is often difficult for even medium-size businesses to recoup the loss.

Providing Needed Training

There are training programs available that can make every employee you have aware of the dangers of arc flash and how to avoid the problem. Knowledge is empowerment. Providing these training seminars is one way to stay OSHA compliant and know that you have done everything possible to make your employees safe.

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