Improving Construction Site Security

Improving Construction Site Security

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Construction site theft is rampant across America, but thieves are interested in far more than basic building supplies and materials. According to the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau, over $1 billion worth of construction materials are stolen on an annual basis, and copper components are among the biggest targets. What’s even worse is that the trending theft of copper costs the nation approximately another $1 billion per year due to linked damage among America’s electrical and communication industries. Fortunately, there are some highly effective ways to improve construction site security services and crush the business crime on your end.

Post Written Notices and Warnings

Crime doesn’t happen by accident, but not all theft is equal. Signs may not deter a serious criminal, but stating that someone is trespassing on private property and providing notice of the consequences of continuing can change the mind of a typical troublemaker. Even someone bent on swiping some goods might decide it’s not worth the trouble and turn around after reading your warnings. So consider signs as an inexpensive but helpful solution for low-level crime control.

Update Your Property Fencing and Locks

Quite often, businesses ignore the most obvious safety precautions. Simple fencing and locks go a long way to deter crime, but relatively few of the 730, 000 construction companies in America bother with such basic deterrents. If you’ve put off this first line of defense and have more to lose than just recoverable data and office supplies, consider investing in electronic code locking mechanisms to take basic security to the next level.

Provide Sufficient Safety Lighting

Criminals tend to prefer working in the dark, and construction sites are huge draws. The large, open, outdoor expanses provide plenty of places to hide with minimal lighting. Once inside, all a thief has to do is hide in the shadows until it’s safe to roam about undetected. A comprehensive lighting system including motion sensors and sweep lights can make prowlers check your business off of their target list.

Activate Audible Alarms and Video Surveillance

Many prowlers are easily spooked, and alarms go a long way to bringing a potential burglary to a screeching halt. Flashing lights and high-pitched alarms can put the fear of God in a skitterish crook and make him run for the hills faster than just about anything else. Silent alarms and video surveillance, however, can ensure the criminals won’t know they’re being tracked until the police arrive to cart them away. When used with motion detectors, alarms and video surveillance are fully automated ways to take a huge bite out of construction site crime.

Whip Out the Big Guns with Trained Guards

Security Services in the US is a $31 billion industry employing approximately 778,000 workers nationwide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michigan employs 24,000 security guards statewide. Security guards can be fully trained for a variety of construction site security services when you don’t want to rely on automated options alone. While the bells and whistles of auditory and visual security solutions may scare a low-level street punk, determined criminals often spook easier around a physical presence. Trained security guards are more expensive, they often work long hours, and the job can be a dangerous one, but they’re a hard line of defense for serious control. Combine guards with some of the other security tips to create an impenetrable force. A call to Korner Security can help customize your security needs in the Detroit and Metro Detroit regions.