Tips to find cheap courier services

Tips to find cheap courier services

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Sitting in the comfortable chairs of your home, now you can send parcels easily through a home pickup in a cheaper way. Whether you are sending a gift or running your online store, courier services remain indisputably important parts of our professional and personal lives. In the era of E-commerce fast and cheap transportation of goods becomes even more important. Finding a reliable courier service whether for personal or professional use can be extremely difficult. If you frequently send things by courier, it becomes imperative to find a service provider which charges you reasonably. With some quick tips, you would be able to save some money every time you courier any parcel

· Choose the option: Many professional courier companies provide multiple delivery options and time intervals. Asking a company about these options and selecting the one most suitable can help you save some money. In many countries, there is an option between 24/48/72 hours or more delivery options. These tell the guarantee of the service provider in which time period they will deliver your parcel. By selecting a larger delivery time period you can send the courier cheaply. But this can only be done, when time is not a constraint and there is no deadline or emergency to send the courier.

· Compare and select: Researching about the courier service with the least rates and best service is important. It might sound time consuming and extremely difficult but on the contrary can be done with one click of a computer. There are many comparison websites which compare the cost of sending a package through different courier services.

If you want specialized services ranging from ‘handle with care goods’ to extremely big shipments, you can find them on these websites. The delivery time scale, price according to weight etc. can be found out. Thus the most cost efficient and reliable service providers can be selected.

· The online trend: Recently there has been a trend of booking the pickups through online websites. These websites either could be third party websites or those of the courier companies themselves. Many such companies are rolling out promotional offers of booking the service through websites or mobile applications. It makes the process less cumbersome and recorded in the software. This saves their time on recording the information themselves, and lowers the burden on physical offices and call executives.

· Choosing the mode: This point is especially relevant for you if you are sending the parcel internationally. Generally, there are two modes of transportation, one being ships and the other being planes. Ships can be used when the package is heavy but there is no rush to send the package. Parcels sent through airways would charge more money and are supposed to be light and have size constraints.

It is important to mention that commercial and corporate firms can avail special discounts if they send high volumes of parcels regularly. Enquiring about these offers from the courier service could extremely benefit you.

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