Common Transmission Problems

Common Transmission Problems

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For car experts and newcomers alike, working on a vehicle can be an intimidating task. Often, a problem or breakdown will leave a car out of commission for weeks, but some major issues are preventable. Check out these common transmission problems to help understand the differences, from the C6 to the E4OD transmission.

Unresponsive Vehicle

When switching the car from one gear to another, such as moving from park into reverse, delays and lack of response are not a good sign. These smaller problems often indicate a larger issue with the transmission. The lack of signaling can become a safety issue as well. The most problematic result would be the car slipping in and out of gear or stalling out when traction or momentum are needed. A car getting stuck in a certain gear is a possibility as well. Sometimes, these issues will manifest themselves in such a way that the vehicle’s “check engine” warning light will come on to indicate a problem.

Shaking and Grinding

Similarly, noticing that a car is shaking and grinding between gears is often symptomatic of a larger issue. A vehicle operating correctly will shift smoothly from one gear to another. This could be due to a fluid issue or worn out gears. Either way, for automatic and manual transmissions alike, this is a problem that should be given further consideration and inspection.

Unusual Noises or Smells

A burning smell is never a good sign. This is major cause for concern: once again, this could be due to low fluid levels in the transmission, but it is not something that can go ignored. Transmission fluid is designed not to diminish over time, so a burning smell could certainly be due to a leak. Noticeable noises like humming, whirring, or loud clicks fall into the same category and should be approached with similar care. As always, consulting a professional is the best course of action.

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