Facts About Chemical Storage Tanks

Facts About Chemical Storage Tanks

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Chemical storage tanks are often used to hold corrosive, caustic, or otherwise harmful and dangerous chemicals. Historically, chemical storage tanks were almost always manufactured from stainless steel. However, plastic storage tanks have become increasingly popular over the years.

Advantages of Plastic Tanks

Custom plastic tanks offer increased strength and durability. They are designed to be chemically resistant, which helps to prevent contamination and the leaking out of harsh chemicals. Compared with stainless steel, plastic tanks are more quickly manufactured and easier to install than are stainless steel tanks. Plastic storage tanks are also lighter in weight.

An often overlooked benefit is that, unlike steel, plastic tanks are relatively transparent. This quality enables the contents of the tank to more easily be seen and visually monitored. Plastic storage tanks are less expensive to manufacture and, since plastic tanks require less maintenance, they are more economical overall when compared to stainless steel.

Further Considerations When Choosing a Tank

Stainless steel may be a good choice when the contents of the tank are rough or are expected to be exposed to extreme heat or cooling. Another possible advantage of stainless steel is that it is recyclable.

On the downside, the seams of steel tanks can become vulnerable to compromise. This is one reason why they require periodic maintenance, which can be costly. Stainless steel tanks need to be placed on a solid foundation and should not be moved once they are installed. If they are moved, there is greater chance that their integrity may be weakened. This could result in either dangerous chemical leakage or the need for costly maintenance or repair.

For most applications, plastic storage tanks do a good job containing potentially hazardous chemicals. They are relatively lightweight and durable. Besides having a lower upfront cost, they require little to no maintenance. All things considered, plastic tanks have clear benefits over their stainless steel counterparts.

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