Streamline Your System Digitally

Streamline Your System Digitally

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The hand-operated dry cleaning conveyor is a common sight in many cities. However, with a computer program and mechanical hardware, your dry cleaning facility could become more efficient. This efficiency may translate into quicker turnaround times for your customers and growth of favorable word-of-mouth advertising. Here are some of the benefits of an updated conveyor.

Computer Accuracy

It is harder to lose a customer’s clothing and ticket when it is represented as bits on a computer instead of a hand-written invoice in a drawer. Computerized conveyors can also move from one position to another at the push of a button, quickly bringing you the item your customer needs. This can make every customer visit quick and efficient.

Quicker Invoices

Computers can print an invoice quicker than someone can write it out, item by item. It can also be more accurate than inconsistent handwriting. Create, print and record invoices quickly with a computerized system. These invoices will help streamline the use of your dry cleaning conveyor and returning garments to your customers.

Ease of Use

It is easy to use a computer-programed conveyor and easy to teach your new employees how to use it. Whether you have long-term employees or work in an area with a lot of turnover, you can trust your employees will get up to speed quickly. Easy trouble-shooting methods for a computer only require logical thought and patience, unlike a hand-cranked conveyor that could require specific tool usage to repair.

A dry cleaning conveyor is an easy way to move garments from one place to another. Computerized conveyors streamline this process in a way that is accurate, fast and easy to use. Your customers will appreciate these boosts to efficiency. This is a great way to upgrade your dry cleaning facility and catch up with modern times.

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