Unleash The Horses With A Performance Exhaust System Upgrade

Unleash The Horses With A Performance Exhaust System Upgrade

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A performance exhaust system maximises the engine’s exhaust flow and consequently paves the way for serious horsepower and torque gains. Also, it leads to a distinctive as well as growling exhaust tone. You will be surprised by an improved fuel economy too.

Horsepower and torque

If the engine of your vehicle lacks cylinders, it will not be able to drive around unless of course your buddies pushed you all over the place. Thanks to a process called combustion, horsepower gets generated in those cylinders present in the engine of your vehicle. The cylinder inhales oxygen along with fuel (gasoline or diesel), thereby causing an ignition with the help of a spark plug or glow stick. The three ingredients make way for a controlled explosion or combustion to produce both energy and waste gases. This energy is what turns into torque, nonetheless the exhaust comprises of a cloud of useless particles that could clog up your engine when left to linger in the piston chamber.

Now, let me tell you how exhaust systems come into play. The spent gases typically make their way through the back of the vehicle and as such, the faster they get out of the way, the easier it is for the engine to breathe. Thus you have higher horsepower and torque.

Stock exhaust systems do not generally facilitate the best possible flow. Your vehicle works harder during combustion and so, you are left with hardly any horsepower, torque and fuel economy. When it comes to a performance exhaust system, the potential power that your engine was losing because of an inefficient stock exhaust will be harnessed rightfully.

Exhaust systems will not only reduce restrictions in your pipes but will also increase the puny diameter of stock pipes. These systems can be installed quite quickly and they aid in bettering engine scavenging.

The Growl

If you choose to get a stock exhaust system, your engine’s naturally forceful tone will be done away with. When we are talking about the sound of a given vehicle, we cannot negate the importance of the muffler. A muffler assists in dampening the sounds produced by your tailpipes. However, it is imperative to note here that a stock muffler necessarily stifles the naturally aggressive rumble of a strong engine to that of a spineless whimper. A performance exhaust system strikes the fine balance between sound and suppression. Who would have thought so?

Fuel Economy

With a performance exhaust system, your cylinders will empty themselves of more and more waste gases. As the impurities in the cylinder start vanishing, the mixture of gas and oxygen burns even purer. Needless to say, this will make room for more horsepower. These kind of straightforward improvements in efficiency can show the way to a 1 or 2% overall increase in fuel economy. It can be safely concluded that a performance exhaust system works when you are looking to improve the performance and appearance of your vehicle. Happy saving folks!